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Requirement Engineering
Entercard faced challenges of verifying that volatile business change needs was implemented correctly and with high precision in the systems they depend on. Our test managers, technology and visual techniques helped Entercard gain full control of the verification process – leading to faster and more reliable release of new functionality in production. 30% higher precision and transparency of test exception and impact on business risk.
About Enter Card

EnterCard is a Nordic financing company which is steadily growing and developing together with their partners.

Their ambition is to help their partners with their business challenges through profiled payment and credit card programs. Often this has to do with increasing the purchasing power and strengthen the loyalty of their customers or members.

EnterCard is a joint venture between Swedbank and Barclays Bank.This means that EnterCard has access to their owners’ experience and expertise, while at the same time remaining the small local and swift-footed company with full focus on credit cards.

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