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  • No. of users: 1
  • Including support: short introduction to ValueMiner software and methodology

Single Basic

  • Price: 40.00 € per user per month
  • No. of users: 1
  • Including:
  • Methodology - SinglePro
  • Support - SinglePro
  • Datamanagement - SinglePro

StartOut Basic

  • Price: 35.00 € per user per month
  • No. of users: 2-10
  • Including:
  • Methodology - StartOutPro
  • Support - StartOutPro
  • Datamanagement - StartOutPro

Grow Basic

  • Price: 25.00 € per user per month
  • No. of users: 11-50
  • Including:
  • Methodology - GrowPro
  • Support - GrowPro
  • Datamanagement - GrowPro


  • Price: 20.00 € per user per month
  • No. of users: 50+
  • Including:
  • Methodology - Enterprise
  • Support - Enterprise
  • Datamanagement - Enterprise

Our solutions your sucess 

see below how companies, such as De Gruyter, Maersk or Vattenfall succeeded by using ValueMiner.

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Management Facilitation

There is a tool for all things under the sun. But where is a comprehensive, thoroughly designed management tool, that has been created to increase your everyday effectivenes.  Click here to learn more

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Digital Transformation

We know how fast things are moving - this is just the beginning! With this solution you will be able to identify whether industry 4.0 is truly a threat or a blessing in disguise. Click to learn more

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Agile Transformation

As we all have learned: more or bigger isn´t always better. So just how much agility does your company need? Where is it needed? At what cost? We do not have the answers, but we do have a solution. Click to learn more..

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Agile Management

Wanna get more done in less time? What seems like a kids faith in Santa at first must not stay a farytale. Use ValueMiner to derive meaningfull Epics and keep your team focused, so the agile magic can do its miracles.

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Strategic CRM

Just how effective is your sales approach? Are you currently talking to your client about his strategy or are you just trying to sell like everyone else? We help you to become your clients partner early on so you are truly ahead of the rest.

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Management by Objective

Oldschool you think? Rethink! Managing your objectives and aligning your team is essential to success. Not only in an agile environment, but in every context as long as results do matter to your organization. 

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Program Management Office (PMO)

We help you succed as Head of a PMO. Collaborate from all over the globe. Track and report at the same time. Get your organization involved and help them deliver. Cut down on uncertainty and know whether you can deliver when it counts.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

To add a fourth column, reduce the size of these three columns using the right icon of each block. Then, duplicate one of the column to create a new one as a copy.

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Requirement Engineering

Delete the above image or replace it with a picture that illustrates your message. Click on the picture to change it's rounded corner style

Struture your thoughts - structure your work - structure your team.

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