What We Do

“ ValueMiner structures complex thoughts and coherences into an easy to understand overall picture. „

ValueMiner is the unique combination of software and methodology.

1. Visual Modeling

ValueMiner builds a visual framework storing existing data and information in Value Elements and structures them over a simple but appealing four level hierarchy related to your problem.

Connecting related Value Elements according to the four categories Objective, Challenge, Solution and Deliverable allows to create clear one-to-one relations to show interdependencies, impacts and co-relations.

Thus gaps, inconsistencies, break down in logic and simple oversights are easily spotted and amended. A smart yet unique and powerful way to ensure constancy and transparency.

Seeing is understanding

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2. Up- and Downstream Analysis

Once the initial visual framework is built the Value Elements and their relations are getting reviewed.

With an Up- and Downstream analysis interrelations, satisfaction and coverage between Objectives, Challenges, Solutions and Deliverables get verified.

Thereby ValueMiner puts every single activity in its clear and precise context eliminating inconsistencies and break down in logic.

No blind spots.

3. Precise Realtime Information

ValueMiner is delivering a precise overall picture in realtime showing what your company is doing day by day, what and how many projects are running, and where you should focus. With ValueMiner you capture strategic objectives and develop the means to bring these into reality. Enabling an effective management as well as accelerating the deployment of your strategy.

Projects can be prioritized based on overall objectives for the maximum contribution of every initiative to your strategy.

Instant visibility into every detail – from any device.

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4. Strategic Priorities & Deployment

A successful execution management requires two important things: A team knowing the goals, and that team executing these goals.

ValueMiner shows the spread of Objectives on one page and is simplifying the message behind by its visual structure.

Cascading priorities as a whole over ValueMiner´s four interrelated hierarchy levels means to get clearly connected operational issues with strategy all whilst deploying your strategic priorities.

Studies show that 60 % of strategic initiatives fail because deployment is transformed into diffusion via powerpoint and workshops. Priorities and objectives get lost in deployment as a result of cascading them from corporate strategy down to functional strategy and then meet the operational level – mostly resulting in „operations shock“. This result in sacrificing either operational priorities or strategic focus.

5. Continuous Measurement & Control

ValueMiner gives you unknown insight for monitoring and management enabling you to act precisely in context.

Linking your KPIs to ValueMiner you create a realtime dashboard for measurement and control about where you are, what’s being done, why it’s being done, and who’s doing it. Other than ERP and CRM systems, which are showing figures from the past but not telling anything about reasons and strategies behind these numbers, ValueMiner is for the present and the future.

No more inconsistencies.

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6. Manage your Organization

ValueMiner gives you the possibility to keep track of the execution providing you with instant visibility to every initiative in your organization. No more surprises. It’s a C-level way to get grip of things and to manage yourself, your teams and your stakeholders.

ValueMiner ensures that your strategy becomes a part of your daily business.

7. ValueMiner empowers your team

ValueMiner´s unique visual structure actively avoids miss-interpretation ensuring the alignment of all stakeholders and teams, especially in complex organizations, de-centralized and multi cultural structures.

Assigning responsibilities to all of the Value Elements ValueMiner creates a greater level of ownership within your teams than ever before. And by doing so ValueMiner empowers the use of the collective thinking power of all employees to make your organization the best. Getting your people influenced and organized, and your strategy deployed.

By having all of the team committed on the same Objectives, Challenges, Solutions and Deliverables your Strategy Development, Scope Definition, Deployments and Change Initiatives get accelerated and further more enriched by unknown consistency and reliability, e.g. in risk estimation.

Modeling processes lead to an increased transparency regarding overview and expertise. Knowledge and tasks are getting transferable much easier and faster as training periods are getting shorter on the same hand. As a result there is less dependency on single resources.

8. ValueMiner empowers agile business planning

ValueMiner focuses on improving communication and collaboration, striving for continuous delivery, fostering a responsiveness to change. ValueMiner means having long-range goals that are both flexible and integrated into the daily operations of your company.

Communication in generell is an important key element of the agile management approach.
Combined with an agile strategy, just-in-time planning and design, an incremental or continuous delivery process, ValueMiner allows rapid adjustment when requirements change quickly.

ValueMiner´s realtime communication technology completes that communicational demand adding  simplicity to your agile management.

ValueMiner – be inspired by its ease of use feeling.


Bringing your complex thoughts into an easy to understand overall picture.